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Today's globalised environment brings with it increased demands for combating cross-infection and this is at the forefront of every governments agenda, especially since the recently felt impact of MRSA in hospitals, SARS, Avian Flu, Swine Flu and other epidemics being seen globally.

Unotron technologies maximize safety and minimize risk in nearly any environment, Hospitals, Offices, Call-centers, Education, Food-processing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Law enforcement etc. They also provide increased ruggedness and a sealed waterproof solution equally important in Military, Marine, Oil, Gas, Explosive, and many other industries.

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Unotron patented data-input technologies provide infection controlled devices for computing, elevators, ATM’s, kiosks, vending, and general use buttons and consoles, where multi-user or public cross-contamination is a possibility.

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HTO's Input Devices and Buttons

Highly Touched Objects (HTOs)

Input devices and Buttons are considered to be one of the most efficient methods for human to human bacterial transfer to occur via touch-to-hand-to-mouth of HTOs.

Government and related University studies have shown that keyboards, mice, elevator buttons, ATM keypads, vending and kiosk buttons are some of the worst cross-contamination HTO’s due to their uses in public or shared environments.

SpillSeal Product Benefits

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