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UNOTRON Washable Keyboards and Mice Why Choose Unotron
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NEW GermStopper washable medical grade keyboard
The campaign to clean up our keyboards steps up to a new level as leading manufacturer, Unotron, launches its latest washable keyboard with antimicrobial additive in the plastic to protect the product.

The GermStopper SpillSeal?Washable corded keyboard is washable by design encouraging people to wipe, wash and sterilize the keyboard to help "stop germs".  SpillSeal?nbsp; keyboards feature a hermetically sealed casings that prevent solid matter and fluids entering the keyboard where they cannot be flushed out and sterilised.

NEW - UNOTRON Germstopper Keyboard

Since 2004, Unotron has been offering leading edge technology on PC Keyboards, Mice, and Card Readers. Our focus on the customer allows us to emphasize Quality, Volume, and low cost to support your needs. Here are some additional highlights of Unotron:

  • Unotron has a cost efficient solution that addresses several key segment areas: Healthcare, Federal, Education, Corporate

  • Rugged and Durable with international certifications of IP66 and NEMA4X

  • Patented SpillSeal?Technology - Completely waterproof and dustproof

  • Available for custom integration and OEM projects

  • Distribution Ready - Maintain your current IT Provider relationship where you source IT
    Hardware and Services. We work with them and you to be an available resource

Unotron has the solution to cover basic requirements to a complex solution. If you are trying to prevent the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) , looking for something that can withstand the harsh environment of a warehouse/manufacturing line, or need to OEM a product with one of your solutions, we can meet a variety of your needs.

SpillSeal?br> Technology

Newest Products
  - S6000K
- M11
- SRC6
- SAC2
- M30

Download Our
Lab Test Report

Download the UNOTRON Lab Test Report
PDF (497KB)

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